On this Episode of CoG: From the Box your hosts Josh Guesman and LA Galaxy Insider, Adam Serrano throw out the planned notes and the meticulously thought out arguments, to instead, go straight from their heads and hearts. On this episode the topics aren’t planned out and the questions are free-flowing from whatever the conversation brings.

But along the way we’re able to talk about the most improved player on the LA Galaxy this year, the best new addition to the club in 2014 as well as talk about the unsung hero’s of this team. Sure Robbie Keane and AJ DeLaGarza already claimed the big prizes this last weekend for MVP and Defender of the year (As we predicted). But what about the rest of the guys? What about the guys who don’t have an award that’s tailor fit for them? We’ll give you our best thoughts on who should win those awards and why.

It’s a fun show, that won’t get your boss mad at you for taking up 60 minutes of your life screaming that the LA Galaxy are the best team in history.

But Do you agree with our choices? Think there is someone that deserves to be talked about more than what we were able to accomplish on the show? Who on the LA Galaxy has stood out to you? Let us know!

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I've been covering the LA Galaxy since 2009 and am the Co-Creator, Producer, and Host of all the shows at CoG. I'm also the senior editor for the news side of things. I do this because I love the game. But also because there aren't enough independent news choices when it comes to covering the team. That's my goal - to give you news, and information seen through my lens and to communicate my insight. All thoughts and opinions are my own. And because I'm the boss, it's unlikely I'll fire myself!

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