On this episode of Corner of the Galaxy your hosts Josh Guesman and Cory Ritzau will walk you through the loss at Seattle. Was it really a “failure” or was it simply a matter of missing some of your biggest players on a field that was tilted? Or perhaps the Galaxy actually played really well but were left out to dry when they had to attack and push numbers forward in order to try and get a goal.

Josh and Cory will give you many different points of view as the try and gauge where this LA Galaxy team is headed right now. Is this team ready for the playoffs? Don’t the LA Galaxy usually hit the end of the season in stride when they’ve got the Cup in their sites?

And with the big announcement of Los Angeles FC, a new team joining the league and Los Angeles in 2017, the boys walk and talk you through some very preliminary thoughts on the subject in preparation for a much larger discussion on the threat the LA Galaxy are facing.

Finally, it’s all hands on deck as the Josh and Cory update you on the health of Robbie Keane and get you prepared for the 5PM kickoff on NBC Sports Network on Saturday (November 1st) in Sandy, Utah. It’s time that the LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake face each other in the Semi-Finals again, just like last year. And revenge may be the final bit of motivation to see the LA Galaxy come out on top.

It’s a packed show that gives you over 50 minutes of LA Galaxy talk. Thanks for joining us on a very special “Playoff Addition” of Corner of the Galaxy.


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