On this episode of Corner of the Galaxy, your host Josh Guesman sits down with the Official Photographer of the LA Galaxy, Robert Mora (www.MoraCreativeStudio.com).

Robert is the first guest to come into the newly re-designed CoG Studio and record face-to-face with our host. And for good measure, Robert brought his camera to take some shots of the studio as well.

Photo By Robert Mora

Photo By Robert Mora

This discussion talks about the path that lead Robert to the LA Galaxy, his experiences, and technology that make telling the story of the LA Galaxy so interesting.

Robert discusses the equipment he uses, and the feelings he’s experienced while parading the sidelines for the Galaxy.

It’s a fun, in-depth discussion on what it’s like to be the guy behind the lens of some of the biggest moments in LA Galaxy history.

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Corner of the Galaxy is pleased and honored to have Robert Mora joining us in studio. This is the type of quality entertainment we strive for. And We’re glad that you’ve chosen to spend your time with us.


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