On this episode of the Corner of the Galaxy: Short Corner we’re trying to give you the emerging details of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. But we didn’t just want to list all the specifics. So Josh was fortunate to be in contact with a gentlemen who has the legal background and knowledge to explain why certain items came about the way they did.

For the entire show CoG: Short Corner will host a discussion with Steven Bank (a Paul Hastings Professor of Business Law at UCLA School of Law and a frequent contributor to American Soccer Now as a Legal Analyst). Steven teaches law at UCLA School of Law and is an avid soccer fan. Together, Steven and Josh try and put you in the shoes of the guys negotiating the 2015 MLS CBA while also giving you details and background information on how the league legal structure was formed and, in many ways, how it is morphing into something else.

Think the players got a raw deal? Think that perhaps the owners were greedy? Then listen to how single entity and anti-trust laws effected the negotiations.

It’s not only an in-depth look at how MLS and the MLS Players Union came to an agreement, but it’ll also get you thinking about the future of these negotiations and the leagues continued participation in Free Agency.

Corner of the Galaxy

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