On today’s show we’re going to help you understand the motivations and the pitfalls of signing Giovani Dos Santos. Joining us is Mexico and CONCACAF expert, Jon Arnold.

Giovani Dos Santos is a marquise signing for the LA Galaxy. But his 4.5 year contract comes with both the upsides and the downsides of any player. But particularly, for Gio, he’s got to live up to the billing that is being applied to him. He will be a star for the LA Galaxy and could be the biggest Mexican star in CONCACAF if everything goes to play.

Your hosts Josh Guesman and LA Galaxy Insider, Adam Serrano are joined by a writer for Goal.com, Jon Arnold. Jon’s specialty is the CONCACAF region and one of his main focuses is on Mexico. So he’s just the person to help us understand the motivations and the concerns Giovani Dos Santos may’ve had when decided to pick Los Angeles as his final destination.

Along the way the guys will discuss whether they think this signals a turning point for the talented players of Mexico. Will this mean more players are coming to MLS from south of the border? Or is this simply about one player willing to make the career leap when he’s reached his prime.

There might even be some talk about whether Giovani Dos Santos deserves to get the number 10 on his kit.

It’s a packed show brought to you by people who love to talk about the LA Galaxy. It’s something you can find nowhere else.








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