Today on the show your hosts talk about the LA Galaxy’s loss to Seattle as well as the upcoming CCL match vs Santos Laguna. Plus LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Dan Kennedy calls into the show.

Your hosts Josh Guesman and Wendy Thomas are back to talk all the LA Galaxy you can stand. And they don’t waste any time getting there.

First it’s taking your calls and discussing LA’s dismal performance in the pouring rain vs Seattle. How did LA give up four goals and still Josh isn’t worried? Is the defense really that bad? Who on the offense has the biggest question marks? And how much did the field effect the outcome?

Plus they’re taking all your calls on what is worrying you the most about this team. Is Robbie Keane going to have another big year? Should the Galaxy sell him? And what does Santos Laguna have to bring to the table. Your calls are the reason this show is so great and we’re glad we could get so many of you on the phone.

Josh and Wendy get you ready for the CCL matchup on Wednesday night and they tell you what they think could happen. It’s a huge game for the team but are they ready?

Finally Josh talks to LA Galaxy goalkeeper Dan Kennedy. Dan talks a little bit about where he grew up as well as what its like to finally be across the hall. Plus we learn that he was told multiple times that he would be traded from Chivas USA and he always had the same request. It’s a great interview with a solid goalkeeper.

It’s a packed show full of every bit of LA Galaxy information you need. So what are you waiting for? Press the play button and enjoy 60 minutes of talk about your favorite team.

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