On today’s show your hosts discuss Ashley Cole’s first 3 games with the LA Galaxy. Has he turned the doubters into believers?

CoG Studios – Your hosts are joined by the Daily Breeze’s Soccer Writer, Thuc Nhi Nguyen (@ThucNhi21) to discuss LA Galaxy Defender Ashley Cole. Together they look to dissect what made people dislike Ashley Cole so much. They’ll look at the positives and negatives associated with signing a 35-year old defender and what he has brought to the LA Galaxy in just 270 minutes played and a well played last 90 minutes vs San Jose.

While most of the hate and vitriol surrounding Ashely Cole is probably due to the initial reports of the LA Galaxy looking to use Targeted Allocation Money (all of it) to sign him, there are other negatives that he brought to the table. Cole had made comments about Major League Soccer that led people to believe he though of it as retirement league and that he wouldn’t take it seriously. And again, his age and the comparable age of Steven Gerrard also played a significant role in the initial hate.

But has Ashley Cole already made a significant contribution on the field of the LA Galaxy? And can you consider him “a steal” as one of the highest paid left backs in MLS? All things to be considered when judging this signing a success or a failure. And what would constitute a success for this Bruce Arena move? How many games does Ashley Cole have to play and by what metric is he “worth” the LA Galaxy’s confidence?

It’s a great show looking at one of the strongest players for the LA Galaxy in 2016 so far. And yes, we’re very well aware that we’re only 3 games into the season.

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