On today’s show, your hosts will discuss the past and future impact of both Giovani dos Santos and Landon Donovan on the LA Galaxy.

CoG Studios, CA – Landon Donovan may have been the big story on Sunday when the LA Galaxy finished 4-2 winners over Orlando City, but the real thing LA Galaxy fans should be focused on is the increased level of play from Giovani dos Santos.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and LA Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano are joined by FourFourTwo.com‘s West Coast Editor, Richard Farley (@RichardFarley). Together your hosts will discuss the impact of players like Dos Santos and Donovan and what your expectations should be for both of these players down the stretch.

With Dos Santos, it will be about what his ceiling could be. They’ll also talk about what has changed with the Galaxy to allow for Gio to become the playmaker he’s been. And they’ll also talk about whether or not LA should rely on Giovani dos Santos down the stretch run. Can Gio be the man? Does that mean that Robbie Keane is on the bench?

Next, the guys will discuss Landon Donovan’s 12-minute reintroduction to soccer. It was a much-hyped affair, but what did we actually witness on Sunday at StubHub? And what are some realistic expectations for Donovan as the Galaxy inch closer toward the playoffs?

And finally, what constitutes a successful return for Landon Donovan? Is it a “Cup or bust” mentality? Or can Landon do himself and the team harm by not performing? We’ll discuss all of that and more.

We’ve got an excellent show that talks about all the topics that are hitting the LA Galaxy and we’re lucky enough to have you join us.

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