MLS Cup is over (finally), and now the real off-season Calendar heats up. The LA Galaxy are, once again, just like every team in Major League Soccer. They’re trying to navigate the daunting schedule of drafts before starting preseason in 2017.

Below you’ll find all the important dates you need to know to manage which draft is when and what will be next for the team. Of course, you already know about a Head Coaching announcement, and that the Galaxy have already released their lists of protected and unprotected players for the Expansion Draft. But there are other drafts to worry about and they will all happen quickly. So why not get prepared?

And start asking for those vacation days as the LA Galaxy’s preseason starts on Monday, January 23, 2017. It’s almost like they never left.


Monday, Dec. 12Expansion Draft Protected Player List and eligible Free Agents Made Public
Tuesday, Dec. 13Expansion Draft held at 11AM PT

2PM PT, Free Agents may engage in negotiations with all MLS Clubs.
Wednesday, Dec. 14List of player eligible for selection in the Waiver draft made public
Thursday Dec. 15Waiver Draft held at 11AM PT

Beginning at 2PM PT, clubs may no longer sigh or trade their own Re-Entry eligible players (player-trade blackout window)

List of player available in Stage One of the Re-Entry Draft made public.
Friday, Dec. 16Stage One of the Re-Entry Draft held at 12PM PT
Wednesday, Dec. 21Starting at 8 a.m. PT, clubs may no longer sign or trade their own Re-Entry eligible players (player-trade blackout window)

List of available players in Stage Two of the Re-Entry Draft made public
Thursday, Dec. 22Stage Two of the Re-Entry Draft held at 12PM PT
January 7-122017 adidas MLS Player Combine
Friday, Jan. 132017 MLS SuperDraft
Monday, Jan 232017 MLS Preseason begins

Corner of the Galaxy will have complete coverage of the all the lead-up and results of each of these drafts. Be sure to subscribe to us on twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss a thing.



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