On this special podcast, your hosts come from three separate podcasts to talk one-hundred percent LA Galaxy!

CoG Studios – It’s a season for sharing and caring. On today’s show three different podcasts, all covering the LA Galaxy, converge to give you 60 minutes of team talk, fun, and shenanigans.

LA is Our House, Riot Squadcast and Corner of the Galaxy want to talk about the team like has never been done before. And with more people than ever done before.

Together your hosts, Josh Guesman (CoG), Wendy Thomas (CoG), David Orono (LA is Our House), Luis Baron (LA is Our House), Bobby Lepe (LA is Our House), Ed Rodriguez (Riot Squadcast), and Chris Tucker (Riot Squadcast) will break down what went wrong in 2016 and what the future looks like for 2017.

They’ll start off looking back over the season, in a year where almost nothing went right, and the LA Galaxy had extremely high expectations. What happened to those expectations and is it a good thing the LA Galaxy are moving on from Bruce Arena? And did Ashley Cole have a good or bad season and who was the real team MVP?

Then they’ll move on to discuss the recent hiring of Curt Onalfo and what this team will look like in 2017. Where do the LA Galaxy need to invest in Designated Players and how much is Jermain Jones really worth? Seriously, break out your calculators, this is going to be fun.

This podcast is about three shows coming together to discuss the LA Galaxy and share some opinions. Instead of being locked inside a bubble, these shows went out on a limb to have some fun and talk about something they all enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who helped put this together. We’re proud to be a part of a great Galaxy community.

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