On today’s show, your hosts will talk LA Galaxy Player Salaries, and they’ll look at a bottom table battle that could have serious repercussions.

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy will look to rebound against the worst team in Major League Soccer. With careers on the line for players from both teams and the coaches from both teams, this game has more fireworks than a Fourth of July game.

Your hosts, Josh Guesman & Wendy Thomas are going to walk you through the embarrassing result against the Seattle Sounders. Why was this loss different? And what did we learn that we didn’t know before this game? And how serious is this loss?

Josh and Wendy will also play a game of “Blame Pie” with the Galaxy’s front office. If you think are slices are wrong, we’d love to hear yours as well. Make sure you send us your pies!

Next, they’ll break down the LA Galaxy’s player salaries. Who got raises? Who makes too much? And who makes surprisingly little? And why won’t the front office ignore some of these numbers and start benching people?

Finally, your hosts will get you ready for the LA Galaxy and the Philadelphia Union. Thirty-Six players and two head coaches will enter the stadium at StubHub Center and play in a battle for who could be the worst team in the league. Certainly, there will be some response from the Galaxy, but will it be enough to save jobs? And will the team on the other side of the aisle also be weary of losing a coach?

Some have said the loser of this game gets fired, and for the Galaxy, ending an experiment this early could save the team. Or it could ruin the rest of the season. Things are intense in Galaxy land, and it might all play out on Saturday night!

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