On today’s show, your host will walk you through the LA Galaxy post-game comments from their draw with the Chicago Fire. Are they in panic mode?

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy didn’t win another home game. But you wouldn’t know it from their comments after the game. A team that probably should have been demoralized after dropping more home points was instead energized and maybe a little upset the game wasn’t 45-minutes longer.

Your host Josh Guesman is joined by TotalMLS.net writer Brittany Pergl (@britt___jo). Together,  they try to dissect the Galaxy’s post-game comments and will attempt to distil some meaning from some interesting conversations.

Who is the leader of this team? And what does it say that the players were in a positive mindset following a game in which they saw their captain being subbed off in the first half for purely tactical reasons? Does this show a bigger issue with the team as a whole?

Josh and Britt will also get into the injury to Jermaine Jones and give you a more reasonable timeline on his return. And perhaps this comes at the perfect time as João Pedro seems to be finding a stride with his midfield partner, Baggio Husidic.

Can you separate the substitution of Jelle Van Damme from the injury to Jermaine Jones? Can you give credit to Onalfo or do you have to point to Jones’ absence as the reason for the Galaxy’s second half result?

And as a special addition to this show, Josh was down on the field right before kickoff on Saturday night where he got to talk to Sebastian Lletget about photographing the game and how his recovery is coming.

It’s a great show and we’re glad you could join us for it.

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