On today’s show, your hosts get you up to date information and analysis on the LA Galaxy and their hunt for Jonathan dos Santos. Plus opinions on Curt Onalfo as well!

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy are making headlines again as rumors swirl around their possible pursuit of Jonathan dos Santos. Long a rumored target for the club, Jonathan dos Santos may be on his way to join his brother, Giovani dos Santos in Los Angeles. But there’s more information than just the rumors and we’re going to get into a detailed discussion on it.

Your hosts, CoG’s Josh Guesman and LA Times’ Kevin Baxter are here to provide you with over 95-minutes of Galaxy talk.

Josh and Kevin will take you through some key points in the Galaxy’s loss to the New England Revolution over the weekend. They’ll discuss which players performed, which were left lacking and they’ll also talk about what the loss means to the club. This team needs some points, but they didn’t get them against the Revolution and now, they’ll need to save themselves from tying some pretty bad losing streaks from 2006 and 2007.

Will the losing streak put Curt Onalfo on the edge of getting fired? How much blame can you heap towards the manager and how much needs to be focused on the front office? Could the Galaxy need a shake up more than anything else? We’ll try and touch all the bases in getting you the information you need to know.

The guys will also go over your emails, your phone calls, and a bunch of your tweets as they attempt to answer the questions you’re dying to know.

And the thing you’re most dying to know is about Jonathan dos Santos. And from this angle, the guys will make sure they give you the positives, the negatives, and everything else in-between. Will the Dos Santos family rule over the Galaxy with an iron fist? Who will have all the power? And can this front office deflect that pressure?

It’s a packed show with a bunch of information you won’t find anywhere else. We’re glad you could join us!

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