On today’s show, your hosts are sitting down for over two hours of LA Galaxy. They’ll talk Zlatan Ibrahimovic and what made Saturday so damn good!

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy played in perhaps, the best regular season Major League Soccer game of all-time. With Zlatan Ibrahimovic making his MLS debut by scoring two goals and completing the clubs inconceivable comeback when being down by three goals in the 60-minute.

Your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter will walk you through their thoughts on the game starting with the very bad and ending with the very good. But they’ll also discuss how this game was simply something special to be a part of.

At Corner of the Galaxy, we’re lucky to have been part of something that will never happen again. And we realized pretty quickly that you want to talk about it. So we just let you talk. Your questions, your calls, your emails and everything else make into this show so that we can all try to wrap our feeble little minds around what we experienced on Saturday afternoon.

Josh and Kevin will dive it all the improbably highlights including why Ibrahimovic did things that were simply better than words could ever describe. How he adjusted his body to hit the shot and how he dared to be brilliant in the biggest spotlight in MLS.

And how did that change the future of both clubs? Does it make the re-match at Banc of California Stadium even more of a can’t-miss game?

Finally, the guys will still keep it real. They won’t tell you that everything on the Galaxy is fixed and they’ll certainly point out players who didn’t have great nights. But really, this podcast is a 120-minute love letter to the sport that we watch on a regular basis.

Really, the question that remains at the end of the show is did we really see what we thought we saw?

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