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We’ve all seen Robbie Keane score goals for the LA Galaxy. In fact, this year, the LA Galaxy wouldn’t be in contention for a 3rd straight MLS cup if it wasn’t for the outstanding play of Robbie. But what you see on the field isn’t 100% of Robbie Keane.

While everyone criticizes him for his over the top gestures, and his constantly barking tongue, speaking to him one on one you understand why that is. Robbie is driven to succeed. Failure isn’t an option for him. So he is relentless in his pursuit of being perfect and while he knows mistakes will happen, he also knows if you do things the right way you set yourself up for success.

While we had some fun with certain aspects of the interview, I think you get to see a little bit behind the curtain. Of course, we thank Robbie for taking the time to speak with us and we hope you enjoy our one-on-one interview with Irish Legend, Robbie Keane.

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