On this episode of CoG: From the Box, your hosts LA Galaxy Insider, Adam Serrano, and Josh Guesman are joined by a writer for NBC Sports and The Guardian  Richard Farley. Together they take a look back over the first 11 games of the season and try and determine if this LA Galaxy team has met the expectations of the fans so far in 2014.
Can we discount the 3 losses? Do they draws teach us about this team more than the wins? Is this LA Galaxy team destined to repeat 2013 by giving up late goals? And why can’t the Galaxy win on the road?
Adam, Josh and Richard cover all those topics and try to determine whether this team has the talent, and the motivation to compete as one of MLS’s top teams this season.
But if you’re a fan, are you content with the progress being made? Do the standings accurately portray the Galaxy’s potential? Or is the too much cause for concern?
It’s a great discussion packed full of opinion, facts and first-hand knowledge of the LA Galaxy.
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