On this episode of Corner of the Galaxy your hosts, Josh Guesman and Jared DuBois, return from their break during the off-season to give you their thoughts on the Steven Gerrard signing. It’s all first impressions with some Bruce Arena audio but it’s exactly what you need to get you through this tantalizing break in MLS action.

The guys take listener questions about who the LA Galaxy’s captain will be and what should be done about the number 10 shirt. Should it be retired? Could someone else on the team put on the 10 shirt this season? It’s discussed, it’s debated and it’s LA Galaxy talk, one-hundred percent of the time.

Before the end of this brief update the guys make sure to talk about the 2015 schedule. Josh will tell you where the tough parts of the season are while Jared will probably talk you back down off the cliff.

It’s a quick off-season update because STEVEN GERRARD is coming to the LA Galaxy in July!

Thanks for taking a little bit of your valuable time to listen!

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