Photo by Robert Mora / LA Galaxy

CoG: Short Corner – MLS CBA Show

On this episode of Corner of the Galaxy: Short Corner, your host Josh Guesman walks you through all the talk about the expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement (MLS CBA).

He’ll discuss what the options for the players and owners are as they try and negotiate two key issues. The biggest and most talked about issue is Free Agency. On the show Josh will discuss what Free Agency could mean to the players and what it means to the owners.

Josh will also discuss who’s winning the public relations battle and who he sides with.

Then, later in the show, Josh is joined by LA Galaxy defender and MLS Players Union representative, Todd Dunivant. Todd will put the players perspective in front of you so you can decide if they’ve made their case.

It’s a full episode of talk about what could impact this year’s MLS season. And it’s something that every LA Galaxy fan should be watching. Will there be a work stoppage keeping the Galaxy from defending their 2014 crown? Let’s find out.

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