CoG Short Corner – LA Galaxy PA Announcer Michael Araujo

On this special episode of Corner of the Galaxy: Short Corner your host, Josh Guesman, is joined by LA Galaxy Public Address Announcer, Michael Araujo.

Mike stops by to talk about how much of a fan he is for the team he gets to announce for. You learn about his start with the LA Galaxy and what other professional sports team uses his wonderful voice.

He’ll also talk about how different situations still effect him on the job. Whether it’s goosebumps, nerves, or pronouncing names, he’s an open book to all the listeners.

“You’re going to make mistakes. It’s live and you never know.” Michael Araujo, LA Galaxy Public Address Announcer

But the best part of the show is that Mike will talk about the evolution of the “Thank You,” and “You’re Welcome.” He’ll tell you how it started and how it eventually got adopted by the LA Galaxy faithful.

It’s a nearly 30 minute interview with the man who fills out the soundtrack for your LA Galaxy experience.

Corner of the Galaxy is so proud to be able to bring you this wonderful interview with Michael Araujo. He’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the type of quality entertainment we strive to bring you.

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