COG: From the Box – Bruce Arena Wants You to Challenge Him

On today’s show we’re going to talk about the LA Galaxy’s ‘Big Boss’, Bruce Arena, with Time Warner Cable Deportes’ Elmur Souza.

Bruce Arena is one of the greatest American coaches of all-time. But what motivates Bruce Arena? What makes Bruce so special among his peers? What makes him act the way he does with the media and garner the respect of all of his players?

Is Bruce Arena, so set in his 4-4-2, challenging every coach to play his game? To match him intellectually?

He’s a man that sometimes gives you more questions than answer and sometimes more words than substance. But he’s always playing an angle and looking to motivate those who want to succeed.

And what will make Bruce Arena stay with the Galaxy? What motivates a man to stay when he’s already accomplished so much?

Through 30 minutes of talk, we hope to open up a small window on the man who helms the Galaxy through the rough patches. His ability to get inside his players head sets him apart from everyone else. Bruce Arena wants you to challenge him and that challenge turns to motivating him to win.

As always we’re so thankful that you spend your time with us. Corner of the Galaxy is project that started and quickly found a foothold with this wonderful soccer community.

Corner of the Galaxy

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