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LA Galaxy and Republic of Ireland National Team Captain, and MLS MVP, Robbie Keane, Professional Footballer for 18+ years.

On July 8, 1980, in the small town of Tallaght, Ireland, one of the best MLS players to ever play was born. It was the rise of a man who would not only play in MLS, but in Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and England as well.

That man is Robbie Keane. He started at age 17, right out of high school receiving interest from both Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wonderers. He chose Wolverhampton for the sake of fitting in into the first team. Then his epic journey of soccer began. From Wolverhampton, he joined Coventry City, then to Inter Milan, then a loan at Leeds that turned into a permanent deal a year later. Then he joined Tottenham Hotspur, until moving to Liverpool and back to Tottenham. Keane then moved on to a loan at Celtic and West Ham before making a move to LA Galaxy in the summer of 2011. Then in 2012, he had a short winter loan at Aston Villa. Currently, he is the captain of both the LA Galaxy and the Republic of Ireland national team.

Things that make him Great:

1.   His Passion for the game is beyond high. He takes the game seriously and plays with sheer tenacity. He loves the game with 100% of his heart and always, in every game, gives his all. He at times, is an absolute workhouse willing at every second to get better. His passion goes along with his leadership. His passion is something that makes himself a captains armband contender.

2.   This man is THE playmaker of the LA Galaxy. Robbie Keane, having been with this club for six years now, understands what it means to be the face of the club and what it is like to play on championship team. The players on the club also know him well. Except for players such as Gerrard, Dos Santos, Boateng, etc, the players on the LA Galaxy have known him for about 3-4 years. So he knows what foot they like to shoot with, and where they like the ball placed, etc. With the experience he has and his ability to also still be able to score with his left and right foot, he still has some great talent in him.

3.   His celebrations, personally, are my favorite part. If you want to know how to celebrate a goal in any manner you want, take a look at his. When you look at him score a goal, you always see him produce a great celebration to exactly match the goal he scored. With passion and seriousness, he also comes with some fun and mischievousness. That is what I love about him. He is someone who dedicates and devotes his life to the game, but also has some fun too.

Things you know will get better:

There are many things Robbie Keane has left to do in his career. Every season in MLS, I’ve always noticed that his goals for the most part have increased. I know there will be many goals and great individual highlights of him to come. Also, more of his trademark celebrations are yet to come as well. But, still his future is still somewhat uncertain. The players he’ll play with and also the position and the age he’ll be at may affect him and his playing style. But, I know that there will still be more of Robbie Keane to come. Already becoming one of MLS’s best and most lethal players is already why Robbie Keane is such an exquisite, sublime, and magnificent player he has lived up to be.

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