Steve Carrillo

From The Box: The Giovani Dos Santos Show – Is It Here To Stay?

Talking about Giovani dos Santos’ recent form and trying to figure out what’s different and what might throw him back off track.

On today’s podcast, your hosts Josh Guesman and LA Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano are joined by LA Times Soccer Writer, Kevin Baxter. Together, the guys try to pinpoint some of the reasons for Giovani dos Santo’s poor LA Galaxy performance to date. They’ll talk about his injury issues and about happiness. They’ll also dive into Gio’s positioning, his tendencies as a player, and what the LA Galaxy need to do for him as well as what he needs to do for the team.

This is a show that’s dedicated to trying to better understand a player who’s gone through 8 teams in 10 years. And it’s also a player who has the future of an organization firmly planted on his shoulders. Whether fans appreciate Giovani dos Santos for what he is – a bridge player – the fact is that he’s supposed to be the single LA Galaxy designated player who’ll be playing down the road. This is not a short term project.

What do you expect from Giovani dos Santos? Do you think he could ever be as great for the LA Galaxy as a Landon Donovan? Is that even a fair comparison? And what happens when Robbie Keane gets healthy? Dos Santos is playing in Keane’s position right now. Is it time for Robbie Keane to bow out to the younger player?

It’s an insightful show that might just got to prove how difficult a job Bruce Arena is going to have in the coming weeks and months. Player selection, position selection and injuries could very well be the difference between making the playoffs and winning the Supporters Shield.

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