Steve Carrillo

From the Box: LA Galaxy’s “Center Seat Gio” Problem (Road Mentality)

On this episode your hosts and a special guest talk about the LA Galaxy’s road record over the past 4 years and what goes into traveling on the road.

The LA Galaxy have had an abysmal road record over the last 4 years. But they’ve also had one of the best home records. So do fans and media favor road wins too highly? And are the LA Galaxy a better road team this year? Your hosts Josh Guesman and LA Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano dive into the many factors of winning and losing on the road.

To help us out, we’re joined by’s Richard Farley (@RichardFarley). Richard has a wealth of knowledge on the league and the Galaxy’s road form woes and he’s got some great ideas as to why that is.

Maybe Bruce Arena really doesn’t value away games? Think of the lineups that he’s presented on the road. Think of the different players who’ve started for the Galaxy. Do all of these things lead to Arena just trying to survive when away from StubHub Center?

Together the guys will talk about the travel involved in MLS and Adam will suggest that getting rid of this fairly common road issue might just be the answer. I mean who hasn’t had to fly on Southwest in the middle seat?

Your hosts will also make sure they understand what the Galaxy have done of the past year to strengthen their squad for road games and whether or not they think it will have a positive effect on the team.

Finally, to wrap up the show, Adam and Josh talk about all the things Josh was wrong about on Sunday night and in particular how awesome 2 yellow cards in 20 seconds is. Trust us, it’s awesome.

It’s a great show and make sure to check out Richard Farley’s podcast as well (click here).