UPDATE: Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Is he Coming to the LA Galaxy?

5.26.2016 9:37AM

5.26.2016 9:30AM

We’ve finally got a concrete update. Rumors swirled that Manchester United would ditch Louis van Gaal and hire Jose Mourinho. And everything is pointing to that happening. United announced the departure of LVG 3 days ago and now are in serious talks with Mourinho (despite a copyright issue with Chelsea. It’s too weird).

So what does this have to do with Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Well, Zlatan is a huge fan of the “Special One” and in a press conference that the Swedish super star held earlier today, he talked about his relationship and his talks with Mourinho.

In fact this all sounds like it’s pretty much done. Once Mourinho signs with Manchester United it seems more than likely that Ibrahimovic will be headed for Old Trafford.

Does this mean it’s 100% official? No. Could the LA Galaxy still compete with Manchester United? Probably not. But I do believe this was something real. And I do believe that the Galaxy were contenders. But you’re talking about one of the most famous coaches at one of the most storied teams in professional soccer. Most teams would lose out in this deal.

It should also be pointed out that China certainly hasn’t gone quiet on trying to obtain the talents of Zlatan either. Goal.com is reporting that Ibrahimovic may be mulling over a two year $78 million dollar offer from an unnamed Chines Super League team.

So whatever you think about where Zlatan is going, he’s going to have many choices with lots of money at his disposal.

Below, you’ll find Zlatan’s press conference.


Original Story Below

In a story that should’ve started last week there are many, many rumors that the LA Galaxy are after soccer superstar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In the space below I’m going to attempt to pull together most of the information that has passed through twitter over the last 5 or 6 days, and then, I’m going to keep it updated.


This would be extremely complicated for the LA Galaxy. LA currently has 3 designated players and therefore, no room to just sign Zlatan outright. But Bruce Arena is a master magician when it comes to being able to go around the rules and break new ground for the league. Just see his signings of Nigel De Jong, Jelle Van Damme, and Ashley Cole. They were creative, they were somewhat risky, and they all fit underneath the LA Galaxy’s salary cap. Something that would be especially difficult to do with Ibrahimovic. We’ll talk more about that later.

So let’s see if we can put some of this together and figure out whats true, what not true and how the events have unfolded. And of course, if you have a tweet or information you think should be added, let us know.


It all started right here:

Basic Translation: Ibra will announce he’s done with PSG and will head to Los Angeles. And that it’s 90% likely he’ll go to LA and 10% likely he’ll go to Manchester United.


And with that everything sprung into action.

But could Los Angeles or “LA” be the other team in Los Angeles, LAFC? Let’s not rule that out, but let’s also understand that the timeline on that still seems too far stretched.

Kevin Baxter, of the LA Times wrote this piece:

“(Chris) Klein would neither confirm nor deny media reports claiming the team has spoken with representatives for Ibrahimovic.” Kevin Baxter, LA Times

Full Article Here: Galaxy linked to Zlatan Ibrahimovic move

In this case, it seems where there is smoke, there is fire. Start paying attention because things are going to get crazy.


The Daily Mail says that Manchester United have offered Zlatan a 1 year contract:

Manchester United discuss one-year contract offer for Zlatan Ibrahimovic with striker a free agent after PSG exit

But ESPNFC says that Manchester United haven’t made an offer and site Zlatan’s agent.

Man United have not made contract offer to Zlatan Ibrahimovic – agent


And of course, this being Major League Soccer we’re going to have to go over some rules about who has the discovery rights and who can sign or even offer a Zlatan a contract.

So see? Richard Motzkin, super agent, says you don’t need to modify the rules to get this done. Which will probably enrage a bunch of other teams because, well then, they could’ve done it. But could they’ve really? Do the Columbus Crew ever get mentioned in talks like this? Exactly.


Let’s talk about ‘Discovery Rights’ for just a quick second. MLS has rules and lists for everything. Philadelphia is the team that holds Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s discovery rights. And that would mean that they have first rights to sign him. But in this case, because the wage demands will be above what The Union could probably do, Discovery Rights basically go away. But it doesn’t mean that Philly won’t get some cash out of the deal.


And what could Zlatan possibly be worth to an MLS team? How much would the #LAGalaxy have to pay? And yes, China, England, and other leagues in Europe would all be interested in his talents.


“If Zlatan is in Major League Soccer in 2016, it won’t be with the LA Galaxy” Taylor Twellman, ESPNFC Analyst

First of all, things change, and they change rapidly. Does that mean that Taylor is going to be wrong? I wouldn’t bet against him. But is 2017 a more realistic timeline for the LA Galaxy? Is it still too soon for LAFC? All good questions.


It wouldn’t surprise me if news started to pick up again toward the middle of the week. Ibrahimovic has now had time to take in his last game with PSG and start really getting down to business.

Ultimately it will come down to whether or not Zlatan wants to play in the United States and it will depend on which team he chooses. Because with as big a star as he is, the final decision will be his.

But it will also be up to the league to figure out how to allow him to join the LA Galaxy. Does a 4th Designated Player make sense? I don’t think so. Can you bring him in now on a contract that pays him relatively little and fits under LA’s current cap space? Unlikely. Would a player or players retiring make more sense? Possibly. But if the past is any indication of the future, LA has a history of making the nearly impossible happen. And I don’t doubt that Arena is in full General Manager mode at this very moment constructing a way to make get this done.

Finally, people ask if the Galaxy even need Zlatan. The answer to that is no. They’re probably the only team in Major League Soccer that doesn’t need him. But if he’s available and wants to come to Los Angeles, you take him. You don’t worry about the formation, and you don’t worry that LA seems to have a plethora of attacking options. You put him on the field and you let Zlatan be Zlatan. And in the end, the entirety of the league benefits. Single Entity at it’s absolute finest or worst.