Brittany Campbell

From the Box: Cali Clasico Sees LA Galaxy Draw, Again

On today’s show your hosts discuss the LA Galaxy’s 1-1 draw with the San Jose Earthquakes and look ahead to the Open Cup game midweek.

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy allowed another late goal in a 1-1 draw with the San Jose Earthquakes in front of more than 50,000 people on Saturday night. They also saw some yellow cards, a red card and about 8 mins of stoppage time. To say it fit the script of another Cali Clasico would be an understatement.

Joining Josh Guesman and LA Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano is Robert Jonas. Robert covers the San Jose Earthquakes via and has been a guest on the podcast more than once.

The guys will discuss the atmosphere, the game and what actually happened in the closing moments that saw Ashley Cole get sent off with a straight red card. You’ll also hear what the players were told happened and why this becomes an issues for the July 4th game vs Vancouver.

Robert will also talk about the LA Galaxy arch nemesis, Chad Barrett, and what he was able to do in this game to make sure Galaxy fans continue their dislike for him.

Finally Josh and Adam will look ahead to the type of lineup the LA Galaxy might trot out for Wednesday’s US Open Cup game against the Portland Timbers. LA is on the road against a talented Portland team who seems to be finding some form. But what lineups actually play is anyone’s guess. It’s an important game for the LA Galaxy, but also for the younger talents that are expected to be suiting up for this game.

Corner of the Galaxy: From the Box is about bringing the discussion from the Press Box to the fans. And today’s show is a perfect example of balanced coverage from both sections.