Audio: LA Galaxy Conference Call Announces Pete Vagenas as GM

The complete LA Galaxy conference call with President, Chris Klein announcing the promotion of Pete Vagenas to General Manager.

The LA Galaxy held a conference call with members of the media on Monday to announce the promotion of Pete Vagenas as the teams new General Manager. We’ve captured that entire conference call so that you can hear all the questions and all the answer exactly as they were asked and answered.

LA Galaxy President, Chris Klein, starts by thank Bruce Arena for his contributions and then goes on to announce Vagenas as the General Manager. What follows are members of the media responding to the news and seeking clarification from Klein on a variety of topics including how the coaching hunt is going, and who some of the candidates could possibly be.

You’ll here some names asked about and you’ll also hear one name that has been excluded. But you’ll also hear about the teams philosophy and what they are looking for in a head coaching candidate.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Is it the right move? Does it serve continuity? Or is this a risky proposition for the LA Galaxy? And does this mean that an internal coaching candidate has the inside track?

There are plenty of questions that come up as a result, but for now, listen to what the LA Galaxy have planned and try and figure out what their next steps are. And if the LA Galaxy do decide to hire from within, does that make you happy?

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