Brittany Campbell

Podcast: Curt Onalfo the Likely LA Galaxy Choice And Why ‘Cost Cutting’ is Okay

On today’s show, your hosts will discuss the likely choice for LA Galaxy head coach and why being smarter with money is the way to go.

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy should just go ahead and announce what everyone already knows — that Curt Onalfo is their next head coach (all the arrows are pointing in that direction). It’s just taking too much energy to pretend that isn’t the outcome.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Wendy Thomas are ready to get you updated on all the latest LA Galaxy news and they’ve got lots of opinions on the latest signings.

First, they’ll discuss the players who are likely to come back for the LA Galaxy this year. There will be some surprises, there will be some changes in direction, and there will be some players you’ll want to throw things at. But don’t! That’s not nice. Josh and Wendy will give you all the most up to date information regarding the core of this team and what that could mean personnel wise for 2017.

Next, they’ll discuss Major League Soccer in general, as the league looks to be on the cusp of announcing, even more, Targeted Allocation Money (TAM). What does this say about the direction the League is trying to guide teams into? What could that mean for the LA Galaxy and certain Belgian International?

And with the Expansion Draft coming up, should you be worried about players being left unprotected? Wendy and Josh will tell you what you need to know going into the draft, and why you should probably just relax. This isn’t your Mother and Father’s expansion draft.

Finally, the remainder of the show is dedicated to discussing the hiring of Pete Vagenas as General Manager, and the likely hiring of Curt Onalfo to be Head Coach. It’s a long and important conversation that needs to be had. And it also flows right into the LA Galaxy and their supposed “cost cutting.”

In this case, being smarter with money┬áis something the LA Galaxy should invest in. And by skewing younger in all forms — coaching and front office — they might be on the right track.

It’s a longer show, but we just had too much to discuss. It’s another great episode of Corner of the Galaxy, and we’re thrilled that you could join us.

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