PODCAST: A Shallow Pool, LA Galaxy vs Xolos, and Some Surprising Player Salaries

On today’s show, your hosts will talk about Major League Soccer and it’s goal for developing talent, the LA Galaxy’s first preseason game and take your emails.

CoG Studios, CA – The boys are back to talk some LA Galaxy soccer and possibly some MLS deficiencies in developing talent. But on this show, it’s really about whether new Co-Host, LA Times Soccer Writer, Kevin Baxter can make it through the entire podcast without dying. There’s coughing — you’ve been warned. But we should really just be glad that Tampa has hockey, am I right?

Josh Guesman and Kevin dive into Kevin’s most recent LA Times article where he theorizes that MLS isn’t living up to the reason it was created and that the Player Pool for American players is shallow. Do you agree or disagree? Do you find MLS and it’s ability to develop young talent and issue? Or is MLS and the LA Galaxy not even in the business of creating depth for the National Team? Should they be?

Next, the pair will discuss the upcoming preseason game between the Galaxy and the Club Tijuana. It might rain and most of the players you wanted to see probably won’t be there, but you know, it’s a step toward the season and we want to talk about it. Are there certain things you can learn from this preseason game? Are there things to watch for? And do preseason games even mean anything? Josh reminds everyone of an example from last year that might make you think twice about a rainy exhibition match.

Finally, Kevin fills you in on some player salaries and what that means for this LA Galaxy team. Is cost cutting not really anything to be worried about? Are the Galaxy just spending wisely when before they were frivolous? And how much money could the team roster be reduced by? All interesting topics of discussion heading into the first semi-competitive games of LA’s 2017 preseason.

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