Podcast: What do the LA Galaxy, A Record Offer, and John Terry, Have in Common?

On today’s show, your hosts cover a plethora of topics: The LA Galaxy make a HUGE offer, John Terry rumors, and Curt Onalfo.

CoG Studios, CA – Your hosts Josh Guesman and LA Times Soccer Writer, Kevin Baxter are back after the first weekend of soccer that counts. And while they won’t be recapping the game, there are plenty of things for the guys to talk about — some might even tie back into the performance on Saturday.

First, your hosts turn their attention to Curt Onalfo and a review of his first MLS game as the LA Galaxy’s head coach. They’ll specifically hone in on his choice to move Sebastian Lletget to the “right back” position and whether or not that was the correct move. How would you judge his performance in his first 90-minutes as the guy in charge?

Next, the boys will look at the playing relationship between Romain Alessandrini and Giovani dos Santos. Is there already something to be worried about? Could we have another Robbie Keane and Dos Santos situation? Josh and Kevin talk it out and try and figure out who needs to step up and who needs to defer to the other person.

Then the guys will take a deeper look into Kevin’s article that dropped just before the game last week. The Galaxy have apparently made an “MLS record offer” to an unknown player. Josh and Kevin will discuss who that offer could be for and who makes the most sense. Is LA on the verge of signing another game-changer?

Plus there are even more “rumors” surrounding the Galaxy as John Terry has been linked to the club this summer. Should we take any of this seriously? Or would that signing break a lot of the Galaxy’s new rules?

Finally, your hosts take a great question from a listener. What made the LA Galaxy great? And do they still have it? Josh and Kevin will both weigh-in on this important question and try to define what the previous LA teams great.

As normal, Corner of the Galaxy: From the Box is a 30-minute podcast crammed into 60-minutes. We thank you for listening and hope that you’ll join us again, right here, on Corner of the Galaxy.

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