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Podcast: A Locker Room Rift and a Leadership Gap? Friday’s Game is Important for LA Galaxy.

On today’s show, your hosts touch on reasons the 4-2 loss has a huge effect on the LA Galaxy. Plus they point fingers at players who aren’t doing enough and even some who are doing too much.

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy played some of their best soccer last Saturday night. But they also played some of their worst in the young season. Your hosts, CoG’s Josh Guesman and LA Times Soccer Reporter, Kevin Baxter, will walk you through some of the issues that rose to the surface after the Galaxy’s 4-2 loss to the Vancouver Whitecaps.

First, Josh and Kevin give you their general thoughts on the game. And while it’s not a full recap, I think you’ll get the idea about what went right and what went wrong for the team.

Clement Diop certainly shoulders some of the blame – his post game comments say as much – but is he going to learn what it means to be a starting goalkeeper for the Galaxy? Or is this more lip service from a kid who has made the same mistakes over and over again? Is it time for Brian Rowe to come back into the starting lineup?

Then the guys will talk about the “spineless” Galaxy team. It was supposed to be their strength, but is this team weak down the middle? Are guys doing too much while others simply don’t show up? Can one player be blamed for all of this?

Josh and Kevin talk about the cascading collapse that has lead to a bunch of conceded goals and what looks to be a growing trend. Is Giovani dos Santos headed for the bench? Is Jermaine Jones to be blamed?

And the guys will go into even greater depth on João Pedro. Was he the Galaxy’s first choice? What is his problem in midfield? And why is he always chasing people on the counter attack?

This is 60-minutes of Galaxy talk that covers all the issues with the team. Including the possibility of a locker room rift and a leadership gap that may not be filled by the right guys.

You wanted 100% Galaxy talk. And we’re going to give it to you.

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