Steve Carrillo

Podcast: LA Galaxy Midseason “Awards,” The Blame Game, And Gignac is Coming?

On today’s show, your hosts will hand out midseason awards to very deserving LA Galaxy recipients. Plus we’ll update you on the team’s transfer rumors!

CoG Studios, CA – We’re past the midway point of the 2017 LA Galaxy season. And things don’t look good. But we’re here to talk you through it and hand out some meaningless awards as everyone attempts to define just what we saw on July 4th.

Your hosts, Josh Guesman, and Wendy Thomas are ready to take all your CoG Hotline calls (949.385.2641) as you vent and try and make sense of the Galaxy’s embarrassing 6-2 loss. And we’re not here to say we have the answers, but both of your hosts vary on what they saw as the problem, and it’s up to you to figure out who is right!

And is there a right and wrong way to support? Can you stay away from StubHub Center for an excellent reason?

Then Josh and Wendy transition into their midseason awards. Sure they’ll forget to do their team MVP and their team anti-MVP but doesn’t that make it more fun? Who do you have for the awards and where did our hosts get it so wrong? Can you make up your own award?

Our personal favorite midseason award is “One Perso You Would Fire.” It can only be one so don’t go crazy. And no, you can’t fire everyone!

Josh and Wendy finish of their awards with a letter grade midway through the season. Let’s see if yours matches up with ours!

Josh will also tell you which “big” game that’s coming up DOESN’T MATTER! He’s very insistent on this.

Finally, to finish 90-minutes of Galaxy talk, your hosts will briefly mention the US Open Cup game coming up on Monday night. What does your team need to do to advance? How seriously is the front office going to take the Open Cup?

Thanks for joining us on a long adventure through LA-LA Land. We’re glad you could hang out with us.

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