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LA Galaxy in Talks to Bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Los Angeles

7.15.2017, 6:15 PM – Momentum. It’s the thing we constantly follow when it comes to big signings. And right now, with a relatively quiet day, we might be starting to feel that “momentum” shift away from the Galaxy.

Just like our update below, where we have no proof that the deal is dead or anything has been accepted, we’re also not feeling that excitement in those we’re talking to. That wasn’t the case on Thursday when we published our original article.

It seems anything that was “close” is not very close at the moment. We can’t tell if that is due to the natural lull in the making-of-a-deal or if that is due to negotiations actually taking a step back.

When it comes to these things it’s more about getting enough of a push to get the player to sign on the dotted line. That hasn’t happened from what we’ve been told. At least not yet.

Privately, however, it seems Galaxy officials are at least optimistic. They believe they’re in this hunt. And for their sakes, that’s probably a good thing.

What would a failure to land Zlatan do to the structure of the front office? Missing this opportunity, one they’re surely putting resources into, would not be a great check mark for Klein, Vagenas, and Beckerman.

Tim Lieweke, former AEG President was known for closing these deals. Since his departure, we’ve yet to see the Galaxy really flex their negotiating muscle.

That’s it for now. LA Galaxy vs Manchester United is about to kick off.

7.15.2017, 11:56 AM – In the past 48 hours, we’ve heard from multiple sources on both sides of this deal.

It sounds like the rumors of a Machester United offer are true. And that one is currently on the table. However, we’ve yet to hear anything concrete from this side of the pond that indicates the deal is off.

We’re currently living in a Schrödinger’s cat world where both options are currently correct, or currently false. And of course, we all know there can only be one correct answer. To continue the drawn out metaphor, someone needs to find a way to the open the box – but up until this point, no one has. And the last thing the Galaxy want to find is a dead cat.

We know, that as of Friday night, some Galaxy front office staff were not in the states. Where they could be is anyone’s guess, but we know that some aren’t in Los Angeles.

But you should be able to find Galaxy President Chris Klein at StubHub Center for the game against Manchester United, tonight. He’s been back in the states since Thursday.

LA Times Soccer writer Kevin Baxter was at the Manchester United press conference where Jose Mourinho commented about Ibrahimovic and his possible future with the club. But it seems United want to wait until December to make any final decision, and Ibrahimovic will be more of a bench player than a full-on starter.

If you want to believe some of the British papers, the Independent is reporting that the Galaxy are trying to distance themselves from Ibrahimovic. But their “proof” is a rather mundane quote from Curt Onalfo that suggests a rather boiler plate line that ripples across every corner of StubHub Center

But, United and Ibrahimovic are talking – that seems more than easy enough to discern. And any time you come up against the resources of a world class organization, it’s in your best interest to be worried. And I think the Galaxy should be worried.

The important part of all of this is that we’ve heard no credible information that says the deal is dead. Perhaps we’ve even heard the opposite.

And as we wait for a 7 PM kickoff time that will see Manchester media and Galaxy media combine for a Nationally Televised game (ESPN 2), the potential for news to be broken remains just on the horizon – just out of reach.

But it would seem unlikely that anything gets formally announced today.

If the deal is done, we’re in that quiet period where i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Does anyone still cross their z’s? Or should I say zeds?

We’ll bring you more as we hear it and not a moment earlier. Are we having fun yet?

Original Story Below – 7.13.2017

7.13.2017 – 6:21 PM – It almost seems inevitable that we’d get one last chance to visit the “Zlatan Ibrahimovic coming to the LA Galaxy” rumors before the Secondary transfer window closed. And this time, there might be more than just smoke surrounding a possible move.

Unique to this attempt at linking the Swedish-born Ibrahimovic to the Galaxy is the origin of the rumors. Instead of building from across the pond and moving west, we’ve had more than a few conversations about him with US based sources in the last 24 hours.

Those sources have told Corner of the Galaxy that the Club and Ibrahimovic are in discussions to sign a deal. One source went so far as to say a deal might be imminent. But as of right now, no deal has been completed and hurdles probably still exist.

When reached for comment, the club responded that they “don’t comment on rumors and do not discuss players, not on their roster. However, the LA Galaxy are always looking to improve the team.”

All of this is happening contrary to the rumors out of England that have Ibrahimovic possibly signing for Manchester United, again. There doesn’t seem to be much reasoning behind it as they have just signed Romelu Lukaku on a deal that will reportedly be worth $96.5 million dollars. He’s also been given Ibrahimovic’s number – the no. 9.

That number, by coincidence, is currently unattached to any Galaxy player.

Perhaps a deal that sees him rejoin the Manchester giants in January could be worked out. He did score 17 goals in 28 appearances for the club in his injury-shortened season. But the deal would see him become a role player.

For now, at least, it looks like Ibrahimovic is looking west.

The Galaxy deal could see Ibrahimovic become the highest paid player in Major League Soccer if reports out of England are to be believed. The $7.7 million dollar offer would see him surpass the $7.1 million dollars that is currently paid to Orlando City’s, Kaka.

Ibrahimovic is also a free agent. Meaning the Galaxy wouldn’t have to pay a transfer fee – a bonus for an MLS club ready to spend some cash.

He was quoted by the English newspapers as saying “There will be a very big announcement soon. It will be huge,” as he left a restaurant in England with his agent Mino Raiola in the early hours of July 13th.

But the signing doesn’t come without some significant risk. While Ibrahimovic’s off the field draw would be somewhere in the neighborhood of the excitement and fervor of David Beckham’s arrival to the Galaxy, his on the field performance should be questioned. The 35-year old is coming off a serious ACL injury to his right leg/knee that ended his season with Manchester United and probably cost him a lucrative contract extension with the club.

And while his recovery so far seems to be on schedule, this would still leave the Galaxy without a much-needed striker for the rest of the year.

Although, in some circles, some are leaning towards an expected return to competition before the original time frame of January of 2018.

Ibrahimovic is just the latest in a series of rumors that have seen the Galaxy linked with André-Pierre Gignac, Dario Benedetto, Jonathan dos Santos, and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. With Gignac being perhaps the closest of those to signing. But with Jonathan dos Santos another target that could still be in-play.

In addition, the Galaxy front office has been traveling a lot lately. With President Chris Klein possibly making a trip from Los Angeles to Monterrey, Mexico or jetting off to somewhere in Europe. Speculation, of course, that he’d be off to see Ibrahimovic. But speculation only.

Galaxy GM Pete Vagenas and Galaxy Technical Director Jovan Kirovski could also be outside the confines of the US border – destinations unknown.

Only slightly complicating things, if Ibrahimovic was to join the club, they would first need to buy down Jelle Van Damme’s DP contract in order to free up that spot (each MLS team can carry a maximum of 3 DPs). Something that is more administrative than any real hurdle.

They would also need to ensure they have an International Slot open – something they don’t currently have. But those slots can be opened in a myriad of ways including buying one from another team, having the status of a player changed (player receives a Green Card), or possibly even transferring a player down to the USL level. It shouldn’t impede this deal and the Galaxy front office probably already knows how it will be accomplished.

It’s hard to believe that it was a little over a month ago that Ibrahimovic was linked to the Galaxy via an overseas report. But CoG was told by a source close to the club that they weren’t currently interested at that moment. And all indications indicated it was true at that time.

However, it now looks as though things have changed for the club and the momentum towards this particular signing seems to indicate it’s more than just smoke. Perhaps this time we’ll see some fire.