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Podcast: It’s a Tool Operated by Tools, and Other LA Galaxy Bye Week Discussions

On today’s show, your hosts will wax poetically about your LA Galaxy. They’ll talk theories behind Zardes’ downturn and why disappearing Gio was a thing even when he was hurt! Plus Accounting… Yay!

CoG Studios, CA – It may be a bye week for the LA Galaxy, but it’s not for your favorite podcast. We’ve packed 60-minutes of Galaxy talk into 68-minutes of entertaining, non-stop action!

Your hosts Josh Guesman and Wendy Thomas are ready to get you through a weekend of no Galaxy soccer. And while some might be sad, Josh thinks it might lead to some happier households. After all, if there is no game, then they can’t lose (Yes! This is what this season has given to us. This perspective).

First, Josh and Wendy will go back over the 2-0 loss to NYCFC. It’s been talked to death, but Gyasi Zardes is still the biggest issue facing the club and it’s probably because there is no one else to produce goals in that striker position. Did the Galaxy break him? Did they break Brian Rowe? Was this a case of “playing God?”

And raise your hand if you noticed that Giovani dos Santos didn’t play in last week’s game. Really? Maybe we’re alone on that. How much blame does the highest paid player on the team deserve for the results of the year?

Next, they’ll dive into Galaxy news including an update on Jelle Van Damme and why the Galaxy might be trying to extend his stay in Los Angeles. Is this a gamble that isn’t worth taking? Or should Van Damme happily agree to a couple more games? Is there a replacement on the way?

Finally, Wendy will give you a lesson in accounting that includes telling you about the Forbes most valuable franchises list, and what she thinks about the JD Power and Associates award the Galaxy just won. I mean it’s worth it just for the analysis on depreciation, am I right?!

It’s a packed show and we’re glad you could join us. So you’re saying there’s a chance? No. Oh.

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