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Podcast: Overpaid? We look at LA Galaxy Salaries, and How We’re Celebrating Listener Appreciation Night!

On today’s show, your hosts will discuss the late-season LA Galaxy salaries and how the club might be able to bail themselves out by using an increase in TAM!

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy are only two games away from finishing this hugely disappointing 2017 season. And just like the team, on Sunday at StubHub, we’ll be celebrating Listener Appreciation Night as we attempt to give back to some of our favorite people — you the listeners!

But first, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are going to go over all the latest information regarding the Galaxy and their salaries. As is customary, the MLS Players Union has released the second of their league-wide salary surveys. This details the approximate salaries of every player in the league and allows us to confirm the numbers we’ve told you about before this lists release.

Josh and Kevin will break down the club’s “cost-savings” trend over the last three years and also give you detailed information on their three newest players and how they affect the overall look of that total salary number.

They’ll also detail Jonathan dos Santos, Michael Ciani, and Pele van Anholt as they look at their yearly salary demands. Could you make a case for Jonathan dos Santos having one of the more reasonable salaries? Is Ciani a Jelle van Damme replacement? And do you see van Anholt making another Galaxy appearance?

The Guys will also talk about a common excuse or complaint that has seen its way through message boards, twitter, and facebook; that Bruce Arena was responsible for leaving the Galaxy with a bare cupboard.

Finally, Josh and Kevin will tell you about how bad this 2017 team is and why the Minnesota United game on Sunday is an important match to win.

Last home game of the season and Corner of the Galaxy will be out before the game and at halftime to talk to the listeners. So feel free to follow us on twitter, facebook, and Instagram to find out where you can say hi and possibly get a chance at our bag of goodies!

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