Steve Carrillo

Podcast: LA Galaxy are Changing the Plan, Again

On today’s show, your hosts will talk about some of the hidden features of the LA Galaxy shuffling titles. Has AEG stopped caring?

COG STUDIOS, Calif — The LA Galaxy only have 84 days until the preseason kicks off and the 2018 season gets underway. In order to get to that point, they’ll have to make a ton of smart decisions. Can they change the way they have always operated?

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss some of the finer points of the Galaxy “promoting” and “demoting” front office staff. Was enough changed to make the 2018 season a lot more hopeful than the 2017 campaign? And have the Galaxy of yesteryear disappeared for good?

First Josh and Kevin will go back over what it means for Sigi Schmid to get the personnel decisions. Is this a role he’s comfortable with? Is it a role the Galaxy were deficient at? And did they really just change the rules with how Schmid will be evaluated?

Then the guys will discuss what other major additions the Galaxy have planned including how they’re bolstering their scouting department and a place in the world the Galaxy have largely ignored. Will the addition of Kurt Schmid raise the club’s profile internationally? And How did Bruce Arena get away with not having a robust scouting program? But more importantly, is this all pointing at Jovan Kirovski and saying the decisions and players he made just weren’t good enough?

Finally, Josh and Kevin will briefly look forward to what needs to happen under Schmid’s watch in order for 2018 to be anything approaching success. How fine is the line for the Galaxy moving forward? And what would failure mean for this “new” regime?

It’s a fast 30 minutes of Galaxy talk where Kevin calls in from San Francisco Airport while waiting his delayed flight.

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