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Podcast: Jones Throws Supporters Under the Bus and Brian Dunseth Talks the LA Galaxy Academy

On today’s show, your host will be joined by former player and current soccer analyst Brian Dunseth plus Jermaine Jones has a hot take on LA Galaxy supporters.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Have you ever said something and almost immediately regretted it? Well, I’m not sure “former” LA Galaxy midfielder and captain, Jermaine Jones, ever had that problem. And Jones’ calm rant on his Instagram┬álive show will give us plenty to talk about.

On today’s show, your host Josh Guesman will, of course, have his reaction to Jones’ inflammatory comments and why he seems to be coming about this with something that is the complete opposite of true. Do Galaxy fans only care about big name players? Does the city at large only care about big name players? Is there a difference when talking about supporters? Or is this all just one big misunderstanding? We’ll get to the bottom of it for sure.

But first, Josh will tell you about three former Galaxy players who could be available and why the Galaxy might want to look in their direction when it comes to filling some of the 17 roster spots that are still open. Do the names Sean Franklin, Marcelo Sarvas, and Juninho send shivers up your spine? Then you’ll want to listen and weigh-in on whether or not they should return to the club.

And of course, our featured guest on this offseason podcast is good-friend of the show Brian Dunseth. Dunny will talk about the LA Galaxy’s failure of a season and why it’s an especially large blow to the Galaxy’s reputation in player development. If you were a Galaxy prospect, would you be eying LAFC across the hall?

It’s a great discussion about the Galaxy and some of the big mistakes that were made or the talent that was misidentified on this roster over the years.

Not bad for an offseason podcast with little to talk about. We hope this podcast gets you into that December feeling and we’ll be back soon with more of the very best Galaxy content we can muster.

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