Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Panda-monium in Houston for the LA Galaxy. And is it getting warmer for Sigi?

On today’s show, your hosts will talk about the LA Galaxy loss to the Houston Dynamo, why it’s concerning, and why the spotlight could be on the sidelines!

CoG Studios, CA — The LA Galaxy didn’t look competitive against the Houston Dynamo, despite tying the match towards the end of the game. The goal they allowed in the 90-minute, however, was textbook 2018 Galaxy and that’s a big problem!

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are here to talk about the important takeaways from the game and to make sure your voice is heard.

The guys will start off by talking about how the game setup and why the Galaxy looked listless. They’ll mention the sideways passing, the inability to penetrate the defense, and how it seems that everything the Galaxy have worked on in training isn’t paying off.

And what was the one thing the club said they couldn’t allow?! TO CONCEDED EARLY GOALS!

By allowing a goal in the second minute everything they worked on went out the window. The guys will even explain why the Galaxy couldn’t park the bus after they had tied the game in the second half.

Josh and Kevin will also dig into the good player, the bad players, and what has Zlatan Ibrahimovic so upset. Is Ashley Cole feeling threatened by the higher-profile Ibrahimovic? And who is actually speaking for the team?

Finally, the guys will take your calls, your questions, and your emails as they ponder the biggest question on everyone’s minds: how much longer does Sigi Schmid have if he continues to lose? And was there ever accountability for the horrendous season last year. Could the time be coming for another switch of the coaching position?

We’ve got nearly 90 minutes of Galaxy-talk headed your way. And we hope you enjoy every annoying minute of it!

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