Photo by Robert Mora /LA Galaxy

Podcast: The Schmid hits the fan! Does the departure of Sigi mean more turmoil for Galaxy?

On today’s show, your hosts dig into the “resignation” of Sigi Schmid while giving you the behind-the-scenes info. Were the players the reason Schmid is no longer the coach? Or was there more to his dismissal?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are once again in search of a head coach as they walked Sigi Schmid away from the club on Monday. But with just six games remaining in the season, was Schmid fired or did he run away from a sinking ship?

Your hosts, Josh Guesman, and Kevin Baxter are back to once again try and decipher and decode the public messages the Galaxy have sent out while giving you the best in “insider” info. And the Guys talked to so many people today, with regards to Schmid’s ouster/resignation, they’ve got more than a full show!

Josh and Kevin will start by going over the timeline of events that led to the mutual release of Schmid. They’ll discuss the Galaxy’s press release and the initial reports by Taylor Twellman, as well as what really happened behind the scenes and why you can see the shift in narrative across all the different communications.

Was Schmid’s relationship with the players the cause of the separation? And will Dominic Kinnear be the guy to come in and rescue the season? We’ll give you the players feelings on these two coaches and tell you what everyone had to say about Kinnear when compared to Schmid.

Finally, the guys will layout the possible ramifications of the coaching change to the front office. The common thread through each of the hirings and firings, is the Galaxy’s front office finally on the firing line? Would Dan Beckerman and Phil Anshutz lower the boom and clean house?

It’s clear that the once untouchable Galaxy organization is falling into little pieces. But could they finally land the big coach they’ve been looking for and is StubHub Center even a destination for the high-priced talent they seek?

BONUS: We’ve included the full 20-minute conference call that Galaxy President Chris Klein put out after the resignation of Sigi Schmid. You’ll find that at the very end of the show after the credits!