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Podcast: Te Kloese needs more time while the Galaxy are running out of it

Your hosts give you exclusive quotes from Te Kloese as he mulls over the LA Galaxy soccer operations position and why Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going to watch everything that happens this offseason.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — It’s been really quiet the last couple of weeks. And the LA Galaxy still aren’t any closer to finding out who will be their new head of soccer operations. But we may have our first peek behind the curtain as general manager target Dennis Te Kloese spoke exclusively to LA Times Soccer Reporter Kevin Baxter about the position and about his timeline.

And Kevin wants to share that with you.

Along with Josh Guesman, the guys are ready to get you back into the soccer swing of things. They’ll discuss Te Kloese’s timeframe for a decision and what that means for the Galaxy. The guys will also give you their thoughts on why Te Kloese might be worth waiting for and what waiting could mean for a club that is certainly running out of free days.

With the first major offseason deadline quickly approaching, and with Zlatan Ibrahimovic watching every move — or lack of a move — while still negotiating with AC Milan about a possible January transfer, the Galaxy are under pressure like never before.

Kevin will give you some theories on Ibrahimovic’s contract and why clearing Designated Player space may be the first thing to bringing back the Swede. But the guys will also talk about what happens if Ibrahimovic decides the Galaxy haven’t done enough.

What ramifications could the Galaxy see if they don’t get it right in 2019? What happens if they’re not an MLS contending side? And what happens if Ibrahimovic departs and leaves the rest of the world with a poor view of the Galaxy?

Plus, Jovan Kirovski was in Amsterdam. We’ll tell you why he was there and what he said about Ibrahimovic. It’s nothing new, but the pressure is definitely on!

Thanks for listening and we hope everyone has a wonderful turkey day! 🦃

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