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Podcast: Internal timelines be damned! Galaxy get deep into 2019 roster-building

On today’s show, the LA Galaxy got through their first post-season decision-making challenge and came out about as good as expected. We’ll talk surprises and what tactics the club might be employing to build their 2019 roster.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — It was the first real off-season challenge for the rudderless LA Galaxy as they had to navigate the option decline and option exercise deadline imposed by Major League Soccer. In total, the club declined the option on eight players, picked up the option on four others and is negotiating with three out of contract players.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are back to bring you a ton of Galaxy news that will include a full analysis of the 16-man roster. Who surprised us? What did the Galaxy get right? What did they get wrong? And what could the club be thinking with having just four defenders on the current roster?

We’re bringing you behind-the-scenes information so you understand who could be returning to the Galaxy and which players are likely gone forever.

Plus, the guys will get you an update on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the AC Milan rumors. Is it finally time to start panicking? Or have the Italians finally realized who’s the conductor of the orchestra.

And as the Galaxy search for a GM, could Gregg Berhalter once again be in a position to head the club? Or is his check already signed by U.S. Soccer? Plus a bunch more alumni news you’re not going to want to miss.

Finally, the guys look at altered playoff scenario for 2019 and why the start of the Galaxy regular season is likely to start inching towards February in the very near future.

We’ve got a packed show full of Galaxy news and we’re glad you could join us!

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