Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Unexpected turn sends Porter to Crew instead of the Galaxy. What Happened?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Just when you think the silly-season can’t get any crazier, a sure thing turns into a drama-filled two hours on Twitter. 

The LA Galaxy looked to have locked up their man. Caleb Porter was seen at a Laker’s game with Chris Klein and Dan Beckerman, and in full view of the Los Angeles market, they put their best foot forward by being just feet off the court while they wooed Porter to come to the club. 

On today’s show, the guys are going to give you a bunch of news that you needed to know, but they’re also going to tell you what happened after that meeting and why the deal, that some reported as done, turned out to be a deal that couldn’t get done. 

Your hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira do a great job at getting you updated on the basic news stories of the day. They’ll talk about the Expansion and Waiver drafts as well as get you ready for the MLS Re-Entry Draft that takes place on Friday. 

They’ll even dive into analysis on newly confirmed general manager Dennis te Kloese and tell you why the Galaxy seemed to have nailed that appointment and where te Kloese will be focusing on the club. 

But the entire show leads to a crescendo when discussing Porter, the varying narratives and why it all makes sense in the end. Did the Galaxy dodge a bullet? Was Porter a good fit anyway? And where does this leave the club now that their number one pick has gone to Ohio?

Plus, the guys give you tough news about everyone’s favorite mascot. Cozmo, you’re going to be missed. 

It’s a packed show that even includes te Kloese’s full conference call with reporters — in case you’re into that kind of thing. 

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