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Podcast: West meets East, Galaxy ASMR, and predictions for a tough May

The best team in April prepares for a rough and tumble May. And there are some real rumors on the horizon!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy have a big game against the New York Red Bulls on Saturday. And with both teams seemingly heading in different directions, it should be a Galaxy win, right? Well just pump the brakes!

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira have tons of fun and informative Galaxy news to get you updated on before they get you ready for the big LA vs. NY meetup.

First, the guys want to talk about the most MLS trade of all-time. That’s right, the Galaxy and Minnesota just traded cash for cash. Josh is on hand to explain it, and it means good things for the Galaxy. So really, nothing to worry about here.

Then they’ll quantify the Galaxy’s ridiculously good April before moving on to the newest rumors that have surfaced about who the club is looking to land in the transfer window.

Josh and Eric give you the two Argentines who might end up on the Galaxy roster and why one of them has a lot of buzz behind them and could be arriving in LA on Friday.

They’ve warned you about how tight the schedule could be in May, and now they’re going to tell you how many points they think the Galaxy could earn during the month by going game-by-game. Which of our hosts has the Galaxy winning more games?

Finally, it’s a look at the Red Bulls and the Galaxy. The guys will tell you why the Galaxy could Win. Or they could lose. Or they could draw. All possibilities are on the table.

There might even be some ASMR for all you who need a little help going to sleep.

We’ve got a great show for you that will get you ready for this weekend’s game and prep you for the busy month ahead.

We’re glad you could join us!

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