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Podcast: Chicharito Signed, Alessandrini departs, Galaxy Preseason Starts

With the preseason officially underway things are starting to heat up around the Galaxy. And Chicharito will be the big piece that falls into place this week.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy have landed Chicharito and have to say goodbye to Romain Alessandrini in the same week. And while the two happenings are not related, it’s essential to understand the success one had and the promise the other brings.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are back to discuss all the details of both situations and give you the latest Galaxy news as well.

The guys will start by talking about the impact Alessandrini had on the Galaxy and how he was the lone bright spot in a horrific 2017 season. But it’s also about his success in 2018 and why injuries ultimately made him too expensive to keep in a restricted salary structure.

Plus, Josh will dip into the enigma that is the fan-favorite. And the guys will discuss what Alessandrini did to make himself adored by most who watched the Galaxy. Was it just pure effort? Or was it more?

Then the guys will shift their focus into all the details of the Chicharito signing. That includes the scheduled announcement of the player, his arrival in LA, and when the likely press conference will be held.

Plus, Kevin gets into the details of Chicharito’s contract, how many years are guaranteed, and what the incentives could include. Could Chicharito be making money on jersey sales, his likeness, and more?

Finally, Josh and Kevin tell you what to expect from the weekly schedule the Galaxy just released, what offsite training could mean, and when those offseason events will start to kick in.

Also, find out why Josh is talking about a bunch of “two’s” as details start to firm up about Corner of the Galaxy’s live show at the stadium. Please come and join us for a special presentation on February 22 at 2 PM! Find out where and how!

The preseason officially kicked off today, and we can’t wait to talk about the Galaxy. Join us!

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