Brittany Campbell

Podcast: CBA Details, Super-Secret Scrimmage talk, and a Galaxy Injury?

Is Jonathan dos Santos injured? And can the Galaxy take advantage of some new CBA rules? Plus, what to expect from Nick DePuy

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — It’s not often that big news breaks on the day we record, but when it does, you can expect Corner of the Galaxy to go full-out in an attempt to get you the latest updates and the complete analysis.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Sophie Nicolaou are getting you through the League’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and telling you why there are things to love about the deal and some things to be wary about.

Josh will pull out all the graphs and charts you can handle while also giving you the highlights from the deal while Sophie makes sure she keeps it within the context of the Galaxy and what that could mean for the club this year and beyond.

Together, they’ll also discuss the closed-door scrimmage that was a super-secret double-probation scrimmage that can’t be discussed. And they’ll review it and tell you why it was so secret. Plus, they’ll let you know who the goal scorers were and why two goals remain unaccounted for.

Then Sophie will give you some excellent background information on Galaxy signing Nick DePuy and why this kid could be a factor in this year’s campaign.

There’s also some talk about the new kits and sleeve sponsors, and they’re even talking about Taylor Swift, BTS, and other celebrities they’d pay to meet.

Finally, Josh and Sophie give you some injury information you’re not going to like, and they’ll get you ready for this weekend’s Victoria Block Party.

They have a packed show that’s ready to get you fired up for the season. Are you ready to get this season started?