Steve Carrillo

Podcast: MLS Eyes an Open-for-business State While the Galaxy stumble on approvals

MLS has some southern states in mind when it thinks about reopening, and the Galaxy couldn’t clear all the red tape in time to train. And that just about explains it all.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Major League Soccer seems to have at least the beginnings of a plan to play soccer games in 2020. But where that will be and whether or not the players will go along with it is all up in the air. Can you say a 20% pay cut across the board?

And at home, the LA Galaxy didn’t get to training on Monday like they thought they would. But the paperwork issues, the confusion with LAFC, and the different rules for jurisdiction to jurisdiction are certainly being highlighted as the club and the league look to get things lined up for a restart.

Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are back with your Monday update on that includes a look back at Mike Magee’s goalkeeping mastery and a brief deeper-dive into the Galaxy’s termination of the Girls Academy.

Plus, we’re throwing in all the news you need to know as MLS attempts to move the league to a state that is open for business.

Do you think the Galaxy and MLS will be back to playing by August?

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