Photo Courtesy of LA Galaxy

Podcast: What can the Galaxy do in an unknown transfer market? Plenty!

With their attention turned towards Orlando, how many games do the Galaxy need to gel? It’s more than you think!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — With the LA Galaxy back at full training and the tournament in Orlando ready for its debut in July, things almost feel normal. But in a world filled with uncertainty, how the teams in MLS weather a global pandemic is anyone’s guess.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter, are discussing the many details that are missing around MLS and the Galaxy.

Josh and Kevin will start with a discussion on scheduling as the Galaxy’s website now shows only the two games they previously played. Obviously, this is gearing up toward a schedule release for the tournament. But it’s also pointing toward a more significant schedule release for a regular season that is supposed to take shape after the August 11th Championship Match in the “MLS is Back” tournament.

But the guys talk about how there is no guarantee any games will take place, and with more rises in COVID-19 cases around the US, how a regular-season could still be in doubt.

And just because they voted to have the tournament, doesn’t mean that MLS players will be happy about it. As DC United’s Bill Hamid blasts the League for keeping them in “jail,” while in Orlando, he’s hitting a nerve that is common in pro sports. Even the NBA seems to be halting its progression towards restarting with player concerns about being quarantined for weeks on end.

But Josh and Kevin really dig into a questionable transfer market and why MLS has the ability to be a world player come this summer and why each team’s ability to grow will depend on their ownership.

We’ve got a great show lined up for you, and we’re glad you’re safe and healthy enough to listen!