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Podcast: Quiet progress in quiet games. Chicharito scores but it’s not enough.

The LA Galaxy couldn’t finish their chances against Portland. But can Chicharito finally relax into his role? And will GBS find a way to change the results?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — What LA Galaxy fans wanted to see on Monday night, was a new and improved club, that showed flashes of chemistry, creativity in finishing, and a win. What fans actually saw was a team that didn’t have an identity, some frustrated players, a loss, and maybe not much more.

But as we sit here looking back on things, did we miss some progress? And despite how it looked on the sideline, did Guillermo Barros Schelotto put people in positions to be their best? Probably not!

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and LA Times Soccer Reporter Kevin Baxter (on location in Orlando), discuss all the lessons learned and why the Galaxy were listless but dangerous in this game.

Kevin will get you updated on what it’s like to be at a game inside the bubble (even though he’s technically bubble adjacent) and why the lack of atmosphere isn’t relayed during a television broadcast with canned fan noise. Kevin will also discuss how these games are being played on TV sets and not stadiums.

Together, the guys will dive into the loss, talk positives, negatives, and why the Galaxy are on the verge of being eliminated from the tournament.

Josh will highlight 17-year-old Cameron Dunbar, and talk about why Cristian Pavon is being given the ultimate gift from Schelotto. The Galaxy created chances. It was finishing them, that was the problem!

And why is Schelotto scared of using subs? Why were the Galaxy the only team in the whole tournament not to make more than two subs? And what could that mean for the next two games?

We’ve got a packed show that will cover all the standings, and all the information from the post-game press conference and get you thinking about what the Galaxy have to do to get more competitive.

Are they a mentally weak team? Is GBS putting his stamp anywhere on this team?

Join us for over 60 minutes of Galaxy-talk and game analysis as the Galaxy roll towards their Saturday El Trafico!