Photo by Xavier Dussaq/MLS

Podcast: Gullermo isn’t just losing to LAFC, and NWSL picks LA

Angel City Founder Kara Nortman calls the show to talk about her NWSL expansion team bringing Woman’s Soccer back to LA, and the guys call it what it was, a Galaxy debacle against LAFC.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The historic loss to LAFC was terrible, but perhaps the worst for LA Galaxy fans is not getting answers for what went wrong. When you lose to your biggest rival, you’re going to hear about it, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto got it all wrong on Saturday night!

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman (Galaxy Beat Reporter) and Kevin Baxter (LA Times Soccer Writer), get into the details of why the Galaxy weren’t competitive against LAFC and why the 6-2 loss has some significant ramifications for the team and their coach.

They’ll start by dissecting some of the Schelotto’s moves and his lack of substitutions that led to the second-half breakdown. Does Schelotto have good answers when asked about the subs? And what are the players saying after the game? There seem to be many excuses and absolutely zero ideas of how the Galaxy should be playing.

When will Schelotto put his stamp on this team? What style best suits the Galaxy? And what is anyone doing as the team gets off to its worst start through in franchise history?

Josh and Kevin will give you the league standings, the tournaments standings and a general idea of what the Galaxy need to do to advance in the tournament — that’s right, they haven’t been eliminated yet.

Then the guys are joined by Angel City founder Kara Nortmand (@KaraNortmand) to discuss the breaking news surrounding an NWSL expansion team coming to Los Angeles and why she thinks it’s the right time to make it happen. Plus, there’s a bunch of name dropping from some amazing woman, both in soccer and in Hollywood, that will make up this diverse ownership group.

Finally, Josh and Kevin get you ready for the match against the Houston Dynamo on Thursday (Josh’s Birthday)!

It’s a jammed show that may have you throwing your phone across the room. But when you pick it back up, we’ll still be right here waiting for you!