Photo Courtesy of Major League Soccer

Podcast: Too much ‘crazy’ not enough ‘hot’ for the Galaxy

The LA Galaxy are struggling to compete in a changing MLS landscape. So where are they behind? And why aren’t they pressing to be ahead of the pack?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy have fallen from the top of MLS royalty. And while the fall is probably only temporary, they’ve got to do everything to get back where they belong.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are discussing all the latest Galaxy news and taking you into what some of the issues could be for a team that has lost its way.

The guys start with LA Galaxy II news and the announcement of 11 positive cases of COVID-19. USL has some decisions to make and Major League
Soccer needs to understand what that means for their possible season. Can any league survive without the protection of a bubble?

Next, Josh and Eric talk about analytics and why every team in MLS should have someone they point to as their analyst. With no single person to point at for their analytics need, are the Galaxy falling behind for no particular reason? And do analytics guarantee any success on the field?

Plus, you’ve heard of the Crazy/Hot scale from “How I Met Your Mother?” Well the guys are applying that to the Galaxy and telling you there’s too much crazy and not enough hot!

Finally, the guys answer some tough questions, update you on rumors, and prepare you for a barren wasteland of Galaxy soccer. You know, until the regular season starts (if the regular season starts)?

Thanks for the support! Stay safe and be kind to each other!