Brittany Campbell

Podcast: Chicharito – Galaxy players, coaches, and fans are still waiting for the impact

With another loss for the LA Galaxy, are they getting anything from their DP’s? Do they need to see more?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy took their first loss on the road in 2020, and it was another ugly game in a string of ugly games. But will the loss to Real Salt Lake shape this team for the rest of the season?

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Sophie Nicolaou will ponder all the most significant questions surrounding the Galaxy, without solving any issues.

Josh and Sophie will start with a look back at the Galaxy’s game in Utah, and what each perceives as the problem. Are you patient? Do you think you’re seeing a work-in-progress with the club right now? Or do you think we’ve seen the best of the Galaxy and it’s just not good enough?

Sophie goes studs-up on Chicharito and, for her, gets to the heart of the problem surrounding the Galaxy’s millionaire Designated Player. He’s not interested in playing. Can you pin any of the problems the Galaxy have had on Chicharito? Should he be making a bigger impact on the field? Is he already the biggest bust in MLS history?

Or are you on Josh’s side of things? With injuries, the stop and start of the league, and adapting to a new home, with a new team, in a new league, is he just having trouble settling in? Are the Galaxy a flawed team more than Chicharito is a flawed player?

Plus, Josh and Sophie dive into the international question marks surrounding Cristian Pavon, Rolf Feltscher, Julian Araujo, and Efrain Alvarez. Why are these players front-and-center for the Galaxy’s playoff hopes? And did Pavon tell Boca that he’s not coming back?

Finally, your hosts give you a brief look at the matchup with the Seattle Sounders and who they could see starting for the club facing one of the best teams in the league.

It’s a packed show that will walk you all the way up to game time. Make sure you don’t miss it!